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Zero Waste Grocery Shop Fresh Market

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Zero Waste at Fresh Market 

Today I was out running some errands and I saw a Fresh market in Suntree Florida. So I stopped in unprepared with only a bag and one jar. 

In spite of forgetting my to go bag full of all of my necessary zero waste shopping items, I was still determined to try to grab a few things without plastic and to check out the Fresh Market grocery store. 

It’s really quite a lovely grocery store. I hope someday that they will carry less plastic items. But I hope that is the future of all of our stores! When I walk into a local store I see waste that eventually goes to a landfill. What do you see? Think about that as you look around on your next visit to a local store. 

It’s always interesting to imagine how people are going to respond to you when you ask them for things in your own containers or even more interesting is asking them for no plastic. 

Some people respond well some people do not. Some people are interested and some people have some great tips and information! It’s so worth while to build community and another reason why zero waste shopping is a great benefit! 

I was able to get meat and cheese without plastic. Also got some great advice from the butcher about using a local Butcher to cut your meat versus a commercial grocery store. 

Highly recommend that you check into methods and practices of your local grocery store and opt for a butcher cutting your meat.

I was able to Purchase my bread and put it in my own reusable bag. Although it was strange to them because they had never done this before. The bakers didn’t really know what to do so I said “just hand me a loaf of French bread and print out a label for me!” Although hesitant they did what I asked!

All in all Fresh Market is s nice grocery store with a lot of availability to shop minimal to waste free. The prices are a bit higher but it is a quality store. 

It’s a very interesting journey learning how to Zero Waste shop. 

I Can definitely see this becoming more and more popular as people learn about it. 

Please share this great philosophy, watch our videos and follow us on our journey!